Alternatives to Aspartame?

We all like sugar. And none of us wants to lose weight. So how do we combine our desire to consume sugar and at the same time not gain weight? Well, luckily, experts have found alternatives. One such alternative (besides apartame) is Sucralose (Splenda).

Sucralose is good for those who want to lose weight, diabetics and people on low carbohydrates diets.

But experts find Splenda is also closely related to sugar and pesticides, and closely retains the properties of both, which makes it dangerous.

A safer alternative, however, comes in the form of Stevia. This is a herb found in Northern parts of South America, a shrub of the aster family. It is reportedly a natural or safe alternative to sugar.

But it does not have FDA approval as yet. However, it is allowed to be sold as a dietary supplement and can be used as a sweetner. Many food chains sell Stevia.

Experts say there are several benefits of this drug, such as lowered blood pressure, no rise in blood sugar, improved digestion, and increased gum health, because it kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It’s been used in South America for centuries and several developed nations in Europe and Japan for the past forty years. However, it’s not won approval in the US yet because there are a few studies suggesting its harmful effects.


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