Should you drink diet sodas to lose weight?

Okay, so you want to stay thin and diet sodas contain sugar alternatives which help your quell your craving. If you’ve concluded that aspartame is not for you then you maybe torn between diet drinks and your aversion. But did you know there are studies stating that diet sodas may make you hungrier? 

In 2008, Purdue University found that artificial  can make you hungry. What they did was they fed a few rats yogurt sweetened with saccharin and other rats yogurt sweetened with sugar. The rats that consumed the yogurt sweetened with saccharin ended up consuming more calories.

There is also an eight year study which surveyed 3,700 Americans and revealed that those who drink three or more artificiallyz sweetened drinks per day are more likely to put on weight than those who don’t. And just less than a year ago, The Los Angelos Times reported that:

A study just presented at the American Stroke Assn.’s International Stroke Conference reported a link between the amount of diet soda someone drinks and the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

One thought on “Should you drink diet sodas to lose weight?

  1. Well put. The choice is ultimately yours. The best thing to do is to inform, not enforce. I always recommend that members of my practice avoid aspartame – in fact, its one of my cardinal rules. Thanks for posting this!

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