As part of my attempt to raise awareness I have interviewed two doctors.I have decided to allows the readers again to assess what they think of the advice they give (as I have with the ingredients).

Dr Karuna Chatturvedi is a dietician at Apollo Hospital. “I have seen several patients over the past few years complaining of chronic fatigue and frequent headaches. What is common amongst them all is that artificially sweetened food, through aspartame makes up a huge component of their daily intake.”

She feels aspartame is extremely dangerous for health and wellbeing. “I always discourage my patients from sweetened or sugar-free beverages and desserts. It’s best to consume natural products,” she says.

Dr Shailesh Patel, a doctor at NHS feels the EFSA’s move is a step in the right direction. “Aspartame is injurious to the brain and can cause miscarriages and underweight babies to pregnant women, as well as several other birth defects,” he says.

Dr Patel believes the problem for which aspartame is still on the market is that it has not been possible to yet prove the dangers in cause and effect of it.  “But we have seen studies in which mice have developed cancer as a result of consumption of aspartame. So we can conclude its danger.”

“Amongst the widely believed hypotheses is this. Aspartame is digested and metabolized becoming methanol, this becomes itself formaldehyde, which can have toxic effects such as cancer and blindness,” says Dr Patel.


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